Looking for something to help improve the wellbeing of your staff?

Painting has been proven to reduce stress levels and leave participants relaxed. We can can tailor make team building and staff wellness sessions or days to suit your needs.


Creativity is a great way of being “in the moment”, giving participants a chance to unwind and focus on something in an un-pressured way. It’s also great for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. When most of our days are sat typing away at keyboards and staring at screens, painting gives everyone a chance to make something real and tangible.

In addition we are delighted to offer in partnership with Body Energise Pilates, Painting and Pilates sessions. To help both your team’s mind and body.

Reduce Stress

Mental health awareness has become a hot topic over the last few years. Studies have shown up to a 69% reduction in stress of those participating in creative arts.

Painting is a great way of shaking of the stresses of everyday life and making you present and in the moment.

Team Building

Technology is reducing social interaction and more people are suffering from feelings of isolation. Group painting is an ideal way for participants to create bonds with their peers. We offer a range of team building tasks to bring your team together. In addition to our classic individual painting sessions, our offer includes- team painting of a large custom piece, musical painting where everyone gets to paint a bit of each piece of art. Or blind painting in pairs.

Team Painting

A great way to bring your team together. Everyone gets a canvas and a set of instructions for their individual painting. When they are put together they form one large piece, ideal for display on a wall indoor office. Each piece of art will be individually created to fit your requirements.

Prices start from £35 pp, min 6 people.

Musical Painting

Fun for the whole team. Paint your picture until the music stops and then it’s time to move to the seat on your right! Everyone gets a limited amount of time at each picture before they have to move on to the next one.

Prices start from £25 pp, min 8 people.

Blind Painting

One person is blindfolded and holds the brush and their partner guides them to paint their masterpiece! Then it’s time to swap places. These sessions are lots of fun and great for reinforcing trust in your team.

Prices start from £25 pp, min 8 .people

Painting and Pilates

Easely Does It is delighted to offer mind and body wellness sessions in partnership with Body Energise Pilates. In our combined sessions your team will benefit from both a relaxing painting session and a revitalising pilates session.

Prices start from £45pp, min 8 people.

Let’s paint together.