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Looking for something to help improve the wellbeing of your staff? Our Corporate team building and wellness sessions are just what you are looking for!

Art and crafts has been proven to reduce stress levels and leave participants relaxed, with that in mind we can tailor make team building and staff wellness sessions or days to suit your needs.


Arts and Crafts are a great way of being “in the moment”, giving participants a chance to unwind and focus on something in an unpressured way. It’s also great for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. When most of our days are sat typing away at keyboards and staring at screens, painting gives everyone a chance to make something real and tangible.

In addition we are delighted to offer in partnership with Body Energise Pilates, Painting and Pilates sessions. To help both your team’s mind and body.

Reduce Stress

Mental health awareness has become a hot topic over the last few years. Studies have shown up to a 69% reduction in stress of those participating in creative arts.

Creativity is a great way of shaking off the stresses of everyday life and making you present and in the moment.

Team Building

Technology is reducing social interaction and more people are suffering from feelings of isolation. Group painting is an ideal way for participants to create bonds with their peers. We offer a range of team building tasks to bring your team together. In addition to our classic individual painting sessions, our offer includes team painting of a large custom piece, musical painting where everyone gets to paint a bit of each piece of art or blind painting in pairs.

Team Painting

Team painting sessions are a great way to bring your team together. Everyone gets a canvas and a set of instructions for their individual painting. When they are put together they form one large piece, ideal for display on a wall in your office. Each piece of art will be individually created to fit your requirements.

Prices start from £35 pp, min 6 people.

Wreath Making

Our biggest events of the year! Christmas wreath making. Get your team get into the festive spirit. Building up from a willow or moss frame, participants can pick their own fresh foliage and decorations for a wreath they have make themselves. Made with seasonal foliage, your team can have the best dressed door on their street. *WE ADVISE BOOKING CHRISTMAS WORKSHOPS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT

Prices start from £40 pp, min 8 people.

Guided Painting

Where it all began for Easely Does It! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a brush since school, our guided, step by step sessions help everyone produce an individual piece of art to be proud of. Participants have the option to follow their instructor or “freestyle it” and create something a little more original. The perfect session to unwind, put the day’s stresses behind them and be “in the moment”

Prices start from £25 pp, min 6 .people

Face Painting

New for 2024 we are delighted to offer a glamorous new side to Easely Does It! No large corporate event is complete without mobile face painting. Our on foot team mingle in your crowd adding glitter and sparkles to your black tie event.

Don’t worry the guys aren’t left out. we have non permanent tattoos for them!

Looking to promote your product. We offer custom made logo stencils so everyone can wear you logo

Contact us for a quote

Air Clay Sculpture

Also New for 2024, we now offer Air Dry Clay sculpture workshops. We can guide you step by step to making anything from Highland Cows, to Light Up Fairy houses.

Prices start from £35 pp, min 6 people.

Painting & Pilates

Easely Does It is delighted to offer mind and body wellness sessions in partnership with Body Energise Pilates. In our combined sessions your team will benefit from both a relaxing painting session and a revitalising pilates session.

Prices start from £45 pp, min 8 people.

Jewellery Making

Jewellery making covers a large range of workshops. from PMC silver pendant making, to beading, friendship bracelet and Polymer clay ring making. Whatever you want we’ll work out a way of helping you make it!

Prices start from £35 pp, min 8 .people

Equestrian Facilitated Learning

EFL has a proven history of benefiting the well being of staff, but also builds confidence in leadership training. Working with the Equestrian team at Echo’s Equestrian Centre we offer full or half days with their array of animals in combination with another workshop of your choice.

Prices start from £95pp, min 6 people.

Lamp Shade Making

Using top quality papers and luxury fabrics, our Lampshade workshops offer a variety of sizes, to suit what you need at home.

Prices start from £35 pp, min 6 people.

Book Folding

Book folding is a craft that has been quietly building a cult following for the last few years. This absorbing art truly relaxes you and focuses you at the same time.

Card Making

Perfect for a shorter time workshop or anyone looking for a “walk up” session. We offer a large assortment of different style cards, from paint your own, to origami and 3D

Prices start from £25 pp, min 8 .people

Shadow Box Making

This ancient craft has has a revamp in the last few years. Particularly popular in the autumn and winter months. Shadow box making is a great craft for Halloween and Christmas themed events.

Prices start from £35pp, min 6 people.


Another old school craft making a comeback is Quilling. A great relaxing craft that keeps you focused and in the moment.

Prices start from £20 pp, min 6 people.


Macramé has seen a huge resurgence over the last few years! Whether your team want to make a hanging pot holder worthy of the cover of Elle Decoration, a dream catcher or a rainbow wall hanging to brighten a wall, we have workshops for all abilities.

Prices start from £35 pp, min 8 people.

Needle Felting

Officially the cutest craft on the planet. Needle felting is great for adults who want to stab things without the police getting involved! It’s the perfect way to unwind and de-stress and at the end you can have a your very own fluffy to be proud of.

Prices start from £25 pp, min 8 .people

Life Drawing

What better team bonding than a life drawing workshop? No one is great at life drawing the first time they pick up a pencil! It takes practice, and that practice is lots of fun.Our workshops are designed as an introduction to the basics of life drawing in a relaxed and friendly environment, taking away the scary mystique..

Prices start from £45pp, min 8 people.

Pebble Painting

Pebble painting became popular over the 2020 lockdown with people decorating stones to leave for others to find on their walks. We’ve taken it one step further and created a workshop for those who are less green fingered.

Prices start from £15 pp, min 8 people.

Living Wreaths

NEW for 2024! Just like everything, crafts have trends and building on from the huge popularity of Christmas wreath making, we are delighted to now offer seasonal living wreaths

Prices start from £40 pp, min 6 people.

Succulent Wreaths

Wreath making with succulents. Bringing two of the biggest plant trends together for a craft anyone can enjoy.

Prices start from £40 pp, min 6 .people


Crafting is the very foundation of the up-cycling trend and so we are delighted to offer participants the chance to breath new life into their old clothes, whether that be bleaching and painting an old pair of jeans, tie-dying a T-shirt or painting a pair of trainers. We provide all the supplies, you bring the clothes.

Prices start from £20pp, min 8 people.

Fascinator Making

Perfect for Hens or pre ladies day parties. Our Fascinator making workshops offer a fun way to celebrate and with a range of styles and colours you can make there perfect one to top off your outfit!

Prices start from £40 pp, min 6 people.

group photo of robin painters

Online Workshops

Work life has changed! now with many more people working from home or hybrid working, our online painting sessions offer a great way to return some team spirit. We offer complete packages, including all the equipment posted out to each individual team member. Every box is tailor made to you your exact requirements, we’ll even pop a bottle of Prosecco in if you’re celebrating!

Prices start from £25 pp, min 8 people.

Squeegee Art

Perfect for a limited time workshop. Participants get to create fun abstract art that absolutely anyone can do. A lot less messy than paint pouring and with a much shorter drying time. Squeegee Art is perfect for an activity to take home at the end of the day.

Prices start from £20 pp, min 6 .people

Paper Flower Making

If you’re potty about poppies or delulu about dahlias. Why not make your own paper ones. From small enough to fit in a vase to giant statement ones, our paper flower workshops offer a beautiful option for a creative event.

Prices start from £20pp, min 8 people.

Paint Pouring

Paint pouring is the perfect fun workshop for limited time sessions. Participants pick their colours and then with the flip of a cup and a lot of laughter later they watch their art appear like magic in front of their eyes.

Please note – while we take steps to minimise the mess, due to the nature of this workshop and the use of blow torches/heat guns we recommend an easy to clean or out door location.

Prices start from £40 pp, min 6 people.

Bag Charm Making

Mixing jewellery making, macrame and tassel making. Bag charm workshops are another great idea for Hen parties and Christmas.

We supply an assortment of beads, fixings and yarns. So you can decorate with charms, tassels and pompoms or macrame mermaids.

Prices start from £25 pp, min 8 people.

Pebble Art

Great for even the least creative people. You don’t need to be able to draw or paint to create pebble art, just use your imagination, paint pens and a glue gun for this fun art

Prices start from £25 pp, min 6 .people

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