Online Sessions

Beginners Life Drawing

4 weeks course.
No one is great at life drawing the first time they pick up a pencil! It takes practice, and that practice is lots of fun and will improve every aspect of your drawing skills.
This set of classes is designed as an introduction to learn about the basics of life drawing in a relaxed and friendly few sessions and take away the scary mystique.
Life drawing is a fantastic way to build your drawing skills and learn how to draw what is there, rather than what you ‘think’ you are seeing, as well as being an absolutely absorbing activity.
Learn different techniques and find which ones appeal to you. The first few weeks we will work from photos. Week one will include body proportioning and starting with a basic ‘stick man’ and moving on from there. Each week we will build on what we have done before so week two we will look at faces as well, week three we will look at extremities, finally moving to an experienced live model in week 4. There will be opportunities to learn pencil techniques and look at different forms of charcoal, as well as touching on some of the other media used, learning about lines of movement, fore- shortening, line drawing styles and shadow blocking.
This is open to all (adults please as some nudity) and we positively encourage you to join if you are lacking in confidence in your drawing skills as this will really build your confidence and skills

Adult Sessions

Join us for a couple of hours chance to get away from it all and engross yourself in some art. Our adult only sessions take you step by step through how to create your own interpretation of a Klimt masterpiece, master some exciting acrylic techniques or discover the world of watercolours.

Family Sessions

Our family session are a slightly faster pace than the adults only ones, making them suitable for a mix of ages. Bright vibrant animals, Popart inspired pieces and the odd unicorn thrown in for good measure make these fun sessions appeal to young and old alike.

Family Sessions take place at 4.30pm on a Friday, during school holidays and starting in March Sundays at 3.30pm

Easely Does It Kids

Ideal for budding young artists, these 90 minute sessions are aimed at younger age groups. Paintings are paired down to keep participants engaged while still introducing different techniques and concepts.

Easely Does It Kids sessions are at 5pm on a Wednesday and during school holidays.

Parents are very welcome to take part, however if you would rather get on with something else, we request for safeguarding the you remain in the same room as your child while they participate.

Watercolour and Pastel Sessions

In addition to our standard acrylic sessions we regularly hold online watercolour or soft pastel workshops. If you fancy trying something different, learning new techniques these sessions are perfect for you.